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About our brand

Delomi – the world of colours

The brand Delomi was created in the early 2014. The main idea is to bring original, hand-made patchwork patterns for design pillows and bedding.

We sought inspiration for original patchwork in Southern America. We often travel to Peru, where we keep discovering new colour patterns. Each collection is different, and yet they have something in common; they are all made from the top-quality cotton, which is an inseparable part of the Delomi fabric.

Welcome to the patchwork world of Delomi. We believe that it will inspire you the same way it did us.

Journey of the cotton

The exclusive colour patterns are made with from the top-quality cotton SEA ISLAND, originating in Peru.

We import this cotton in its crude form and it is the basis of all Delomi fabrics. Only the best textile manufactures weave the cotton for us. Every single seam and weft is made in the Czech Republic.

Original, hand-made patchwork pillows and covers from 100% cotton.

Uniqueness of a hand-made patchwork

We proud ourselves on the precision manual needlework of our patchwork patterned fabrics. The same care we extend to our designs.

Each new collection takes at least half a year to prepare. This comprises of designing, testing and planning. This entire process of creative symphony culminates in attentive sewing, all supervised by a skilled forewoman who had spent more than 15 years working in the Baťa manufactory, a famous Czech enterprise.

Love Brand

Our patchwork pillows and covers are made with love in the vicinity of the picturesque Beskydy Mountains.

In order to create a true love brand which brings joy to our customers, we wish to create all of our products by ourselves, thus having the whole process under our control and having the certainty that the outcome will always match our expectations.